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Microblading workshop

March 25 – 28, 2019, Washington D.C.


Lynn Nguyen was born in 1976, Saigon, Vietnam and also the founder of Beauty Studio & Academy™ located in the heart Orange County, Tustin, California. She is well trained in various aspects of beauty care, but her main passion has always been permanent makeup. Lynn’s professional goal is to work and teach as a Permanent Makeup Artist. After working freelance as a PMU artist in her country and established her business there for a few years. Lynn migrated to the United States and continue to learn new trend and regulations from Masters in the United States, she decided to open her own business once again. Her mission is to help her clients get the result that they always wanted or as close as possible to it. She believes that a successful business is one that not only financially stable but also one that could build a lasting relationship with its customers. Lynn also collaborates her talent with many great artists throughout the world in the permanent makeup and Microblading industries. Her endless passion was to share her knowledge and skills set to help her students and guide them to great success as an artist.

Lynn also a successful Expo Event Specialist with a degree in Business and Marketing in Vietnam, Saigon. She had hosted many great seminars from Permanent Makeup and Microblading’s master throughout the States.


Her gift for subtle shading, shape and color allows her to accentuate your features naturally. She chooses pigments to compliment your skin, eyes and lip color. Rather than using a mechanical device, Lynn utilizes hand-brush hair strokes to create very soft and natural result.

Lynn expertise in Manual Hair Strokes (Microblading) and Pixel Dust™ Shading Techniques as well as PMU (Machine Works).


- There are no pre-requirements for this course other than readiness to learn a new skill and update your knowledge.

- Introduction Fundamental Microblading & Microshading Combination

- Different Styles Of Brow shape: Asian, European Style

- Crisp And Thin Strokes of Microblading

- Secret of Healing & Color Retention

- Proper Stretching

- Color Theory

- Using Pigments on different Skin Types

- Proper post & aftercare

- Secret of Numbing Without Loosing Shape

- Proper Stretching

- Business Skills/Marketing Strategy

- Proper consent form to protect you and your clients

- Correction and Removal using Saline solutions

- Secret of Photos & using photo apps for picture/video enhancements

- Unlimited continuous Support After Class (we have group support on Facebook of any questions and commit fast answers)

- Course includes: Full Professional Kit & Informative Manual Booklet / Professional Certificate / Lunch / Unlimited support after training

Upon successfully completing this training, the students will receive a Participation Certificate – Level 1 Trainee – that allows the professional to practice the Tattoo Remoov88 Technique.

For both the Two-Day Training in PMU (Cosmetic) Tattoo Removal Workshop and the Tattoo Remoov88 Technique Certification, the investment is $2,900.

A Non-refundable deposit $500 is required to reserve your seat for our course (DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE UNLESS CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELED BY THE ORGANIZER). Remaining Balance due on the first day of class and also non-refundable. Payment options are Paypal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards (a fee 4% will be added in the invoice), cash (only American currency), money order, Bank transfer. Through PayPal Credit, you can finance the course in up to 6 installments. www.paypalcredit.com